The Ainscough Boats

The boats carried grain from Liverpool and Manchester to the company mills.

The company eventually sold the boats off, three passed to the Hargreaves Company they were Ambush, Viktoria, and Attractive, these boats carried coal from Plank Lane to Wigan power station.

 Three passed to Albert Blundell they were Ironclad, Parbold and Claymore. Two passed to Monk's they were Burscough2 and Boadicea, not long after Boadicea was sold to Rays of Liverpool and used for towing lighters. 

Burscough2,Ironclad,Parbold and Claymore ran from Plank Lane to Trafford park  carrying coal.  Seven of the boats survive in one state or another.

It is understood that :
Parbold has been converted and can be found on The Grand Union Canal.

Ironclad is converted and can be found in the London area.

Boadicea has been abandoned and is 75% submerged in Loch Neagh, Northern Ireland.

Attractive was cut up in the late 70's early 80's at Wigan repair yard.

Claymore has been converted and was last seen in the Manchester area.

Burscough II (alias The Black Prince) has been converted and last seen in Shannon Harbour, Eire.

Viktoria and Ambush, having passed into different owners hands, are now back on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Ambush is 72ft long and has a beam of 14ft.5 and is still working today, and is moored in Crooke village Wigan. You can see Ambush on her monthly fuel runs along the Leeds Liverpool Canal from Crooke to Haskayne.  Ambush also had a dumb boat called Burscough, which was lost in the docks during the war through bombing about 1941. 

Viktoria is 72ft.5 long and has a beam of 14ft.5 Viktoria is a dumb boat and her motor boat was called Black Prince, this is currently moored in Shannon harbour Southern Ireland.  

Most of the restoration work being done at the moment is centred around Viktoria, she now has a new front deck but this work is ongoing, and the volunteers work very hard within the charity to raise the necessary funds needed for this work to carry on.